Our Beer is Superb!

At Hop Nuts Brewing we brew some classic style craft beers as well as serve up some that are quite original including a variety of seasonal beers. Check out our list of Year Round Beers and also our Seasonal Brews that are always changing. From light to dark, clean to tart. Brewed, hopped and served in a way only a Hop Nut would. Come check out our taproom and try some of our creations.


Brews Offered

Year Round Beers

  1. Golden Ale 5% ABV 15 IBU’s– Our light Golden/Blonde Ale brewed with a touch of specialty malt and a soft hop profile.  
  2. Dunkelweizen 5.5% ABV 17 IBU’s (OUT)
  3. 18b Pale Ale 6.2% ABV 38 IBU’s– Named after the 18b Arts district where we’re located, this pale ale is brewed with 5 different malts and 5 varieties of hops. A well balanced Pale Ale with a little hop kick in the finish provided by the dry hop.
  4. Hopathon IPA 7% 65 IBU’s– Our IPA is a true West Coast IPA with a light body and a strong tropical, fruity, piney punch to it. Sure to please the Hop Nuts!
  5. Green Mamba Double IPA 8.5% 100+ IBU’s– This is a BIG West Coast style DIPA with loads of kettle hops and a healthy dry hop! Coming in at 8.5% and 100+ IBU’s It’ll bite ya if you’re not careful. HOP NUTS ONLY!
  6. Papa’s Red Ale 6.2% ABV 30 IBU’s– Papa’s Red Ale is a complex red ale brewed with unique specialty malts where it gets its red hue from and is hopped with a few classic floral and spicy hops to create a perfect balance of malts and hops.
  7. Harry Porter 6.8% ABV 46 IBU’s– A full bodied robust porter with an opaque appearance and a pleasant nose. Specialty malts in this beer give it a rich chocolate and roast character with some pleasant hop notes to balance it out.
  8. Imperial Stout 9% ABV 69 IBU’s– Big roasted barley and chocolate with coffee undertones make this beer a mouth full. A healthy dose of wheat and higher mash temp make this a full bodied brew that is sure to please. 

Seasonal Brews

  1. Single Hop Pale Ale (Zythos) 5.8 % ABV 31 IBU’s– Light malt bill in this beer lets this proprietary “Single Hop” blend shine through.
  2. CDA (Charleston Dark Ale) 7% ABV 69 IBU’s– Named after our major cross street and beautiful Mt. Charleston, this CDA has a solid malt backbone with a pleasing hop finish.
  3. Imperial Espresso Stout (Very Limited) 9% ABV 69 IBU’s– Our Imperial Stout with freshly made Bolivian Espresso shots from our neighbors at Makers & Finders.



Last update January 21, 2016